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The broker's heart filled with joyful excitement. She will live! He rushed like crazy to rub her hands and feet. A minute later the girl's face turned pink and she opened her eyes. The broker helped her sit down.
However, frightened that he was losing time, the reanimator opened his mouth to the girl and, typing full lungs of air, pressing his mouth to her icy lips, exhaled with a force. Her breasts rose upward. The broker folded his hands under his left nipple, and carefully, not to break his chest, pressed four times. Then he again clung to her mouth.
- Are you going to go to the party this evening? - she asked in surprise, looking at the gray long skirt and summer jacket, dressed on top of a white T-shirt, if only she dressed beautifully.
"How can I relax?" He did not understand.
The broker sat motionless for a few seconds, while the lonely lone figure of the girl disappeared into the cold and dank darkness of the road. Unexpectedly, he did not muffle the engine, got out of the car and quickly caught up with the girl. From surprise, she pulled her head into her shoulders, deciding that something terrible was about to happen. But the Broker took out of his inner pocket a plump packet of green bills, all the present prey, thrust the surprised girl into his hands, and without looking at her, returned to the ready to break from the seat of the car.

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For a while I thought about it and was silent.
At first it was a little painful, but gradually the pain subsided, it seems that Alexei's member was not very large. Marina's hands began to sink lower, gradually reached my rising member. Feels in my ass I guessed that Alexei's member was much smaller than mine and there was a crazy hope in my head that Marina, having become bored by a large size, would want to play with him. It looks like it really was. And so it happened. At first she just played and gently nadrachivaala head, and then, taking advantage of the fact that Alex is behind me and she does not see, went down and drew a member in his mouth. She was a very skillful girl and the waves of pleasure brought her mouth and sharp tongue, brought a lot of pleasure, drowning the inconvenience of a member in my ass. At this time I felt the blows of hot semen inside me. After a short convulsion, Lech stopped and began to take out of me a member. Marina, noticing this, stopped licking me and quickly lay back
My sidim nemnogo vdaleke ot bol'shinstva posetiteley . V " kabinke" ... eto stolik, kruglyy s dlinnoy skatert'yu. Ty naprotiv menya. Za nashimi spinami " shirma" iz peregorodki s zhivymi tsvetami, pyshnoy zhivoy zelen'yu, net tsvetov na nikh, prosto zelenyye list'ya, kotoryye nas skryvayut ot lyubopytnykh sosedey, ne privlekayut vnimaniye k nam iz obshchego zala....
I remember there was such a rock'n'roll song "I`m not your steppin` stone", very popular in due time. When I was not very familiar with English and the meaning of many idioms was closed to me, I translated it roughly as "I'm not a stone that you can step on." Now, when it's clear what it really means, it looks funny, but then I translated everything literally. And so, translating this name in this way, I vividly imagined a man lying on the ground and a woman putting a foot on his head. And suddenly I felt an explosion of adrenaline and an extraordinary excitement, because this person was me. Why did this happen? I was always fascinated by the beauty of the female figure, and, like any normal boy, I always wanted to see this figure naked. I was 10 when it happened for the first time: casually (chesslovo!) At the dacha, I saw in the window how my cousin was dressing. Completely undressed, she looked in the mirror. For some reason, I paid special attention to her feet. She could rightly be proud of them - full thighs, full of youth and strength, kneecap, not sharp, like teenage girls, and not round, like those of adult aunts, beautiful shins that end in perfect feet - it all harmonized with each other and Did not go beyond what is called beauty. All right, no gram of excess fat; Of course, much more caught me a different kind, but that cursory glance and admiration for her legs, apparently, contributed to my further orientation. The grain was abandoned and sprouted several years later, when I incorrectly translated the name of the rock and roll song. Since then, I have often been visited by fantasies on foot fetish and more often I began to pay attention to women's legs, looking at them from a completely different position. You could say that I became a foot fetishist, although for the first time fantasies were realized only a few years later, when I was 18. This also happened due to the occasion: I lost a tape with the recording of Madness, a fairly rare thing in our region. But I knew who it is and, finding this person, asked to rewrite. Naturally, it was a girl, Marina, who studied on a parallel course. And of course, there were no tapes in her hands, she was walking around the tape recorders for a month already. And then, without thinking specifically about the consequences, I took it and blurted out:
Frankly, I did not pay much attention to it, my daughter and I played Darts, and I won, and so I took the arrival of another girlfriend as an annoying hindrance. Slender figure, pretty face, not bad, with taste, dressed. The girls jumped out of the room to whisper something, I sat down, lit a cigarette and suddenly felt the awakening of interest in the new girlfriend Zhannina. Up to this point, the wife was more interested in the details of our daughter's school life. I basically politely greeted girls running in for a minute, badly discerning them in person and all the more so without introducing anyone as they call.

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