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Domyślnie The Roots - Official Discography [1993-2011]

The Roots - Official Discography [18 Albums + 3 EP's + 11 Singles 1993-2011]

Genre: Alternative Rap/Jazz/Funk | Year: 1993-2011 | Format: MP3 (tracks) | Quality: 192-320 kbps | Size: 3.59 GB

List of Albums:

Organix [1993]

The Roots Is Comin'
Pass The Popcorn
The Anti-Circle
Writers Block
Good Music [Preclude]
Good Music
Leornard I - V
I'm Out Deah
Essawhamah? [Live At The Soulshack]
There's A Riot Goin On
Popcorn Revisited
Common Dust
The Session [Longest Posse Cut In History]
Syreeta's Having My Baby
Carryin' On

Do You Want More?!!!??! [1995]

Intro/There's Something Goin' On
Distortion To Static
Mellow My Man
I Remain Calm
Lazy Afternoon
? vs. Rahzel
Do You Want More?!!!??!
What Goes On Pt. 7
Swept Away
You Ain't Fly
Silent Treatment
The Lesson Pt. 1
The Unlocking

Illadelph Halflife [1996]

It Just Don't Stop
Push Up Ya Lighter
What They Do
? vs. Scratch
Concerto Of The Desperado
UNIverse At War
No Alibi
Dave vs. US
No Great Pretender
The Hypnotic
Ital [The Universal Side]
One Shine
The Adventures In Wonderland
20 - Outro

Things Fall Apart [1999]

Act Won [Things Fall Apart]
Table Of Contents [Parts 1 & 2]
The Next Movement
Step Into The Realm
The Spark
Without A Doubt
Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New
Double Trouble
Act Too [The Love Of My Life]
100% Dundee
Diedre vs. Dice
3rd Acts: ? vs. Scratch 2... Electric Boogaloo
You Got Me
Don't See Us
The Return To Innocence Lost

Phrenology [2002]

Rock You
Rolling With Heat
Waok [Ay] Rollcall
Thought @ Work
The Seed [2.0]
Break You Off
Pussy Galore
Something In The Way Of Things [In Town]
Rhymes And Ammo [Feat. Talib Kweli]/Thirsty!

The Tipping Point [2004]

I Don't Care
Don't Say Nuthin'
Guns Are Drawn
Stay Cool
Somebody's Gotta Do It
Duck Down!
Why [What's Goin' On?]
Melting Pot [UK Bonus Track]

Game Theory [2006]

Dilltastic Vol Won [Derful]
False Media
Game Theory
Don't Feel Right
In The Music
Take It There
Here I Come [Feat. Dice Raw Of Nouveau Riche & Malik B.]
Long Time [Feat. Peedi Peedi & Bunny Sigler]
Livin' In A New World
Clock With No Hands
Can't Stop This
Bread And Butter [UK Bonus Track]

Rising Down [2008]

The Pow Wow
Rising Down [Feat. Mos Def & Styles P]
Get Busy [Feat. Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi]
@ 15
75 Bars [Black's Reconstruction]
Becoming Unwritten
Criminal [Feat. Truck North & Saigon]
I Will Not Apologize [Feat. Porn & Dice Raw]
I Can't Help It [Feat. Malik B., Porn, Mercedes Martinez & Dice Raw]
Singing Man [Feat. Porn, Truck North & Dice Raw]
Unwritten [Feat. Mercedes Martinez]
Lost Desire [Feat. Malik B. & Talib Kweli]
The Show [Feat. Common & Dice Raw]
Rising Up [Feat. Wale & Chrisette Michele]
Birthday Girl
The Grand Return [Feat. Dice Raw & Wahud Ahmad]
Live @ WPFW, 1994

How I Got Over [2010]

A Peace Of Light [Feat. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian & Haley Dekle]
Walk Alone [Feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw]
Dear God 2.0 [Feat. Monsters Of Folk]
Radio Daze [Feat. Blu, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw]
Now Or Never [Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw]
How I Got Over [Feat. Dice Raw]
DillaTUDE: The Flight of Titus
The Day [Feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash]
Right On [Feat. Joanna Newsom & STS]
Doin' It Again
The Fire [Feat. John Legend]
Tunnel Vision
Web 20/20 [Feat. Peedi Peedi & Truck North]
Hustla [Feat. STS] [Bonus Track]

Undun [2011]

Make My [Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw]
One Time [Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw]
Kool On [Feat. Greg Porn & Truck North]
The OtherSide [Feat. Bilal Oliver & Greg Porn]
Stomp [Feat. Greg Porn]
Lighthouse [Feat. Dice Raw]
I Remember
Tip The Scale [Feat. Dice Raw]
Redford [For Yia-Yia & Pappou]
Possibility [2nd Movement]
Will To Power [3rd Movement]
Finality [4th Movement]

From The Ground Up [1994]

It's Comin'
Distortion To Static
Mellow My Man
Dat Scat
Worldwide [London Groove]
Do You Want More?!

The Legendary [1999]

Table Of Contents [Part 3]
The Ultimate
The Battlestar ?uestacula [Part 3: The Search For Scratch]
The Next Movement [Live]

John Legend & The Roots ? iTunes Live From Soho [iTunes Version] [2011] [256 kbps]

Our Generation [The Hope Of The World] [Live]
Hard Times [Live]
Compared To What [Live]
Little Ghetto Boy [Live]
Wake Up Everybody [Live]
Ordinary People [Live]
I Can't Write Left Handed [Live]
Shine [Live]

The Roots Come Alive [1999]

Disc 1:
Live At The T-Connection
The Next Movement
Step Into The Realm
Mellow My Man/Jusufckwithis
Love Of My Life [Feat. Common]
The Ultimate
Don't See Us
100% Dundee
Adrenaline! [Feat. Dice Raw]
Silent Treatment
The Notic
You Got Me [Feat. Jill Scott]

Disc 2:
What You Want [Feat. Jaguar]
We Got You [Feat. Jaguar]
The Lesson Part III [It's Over Now] [Feat. Dice Raw & Jaguar]
All I Know
Ya'll Know Who [Feat. Craig Harris On Didjeridoo]
For The Love Of Money [Feat. Cash Money On The Wons & Toos]

Nagoya Blue Note [2004]

Boom Shake The Room
She Wann No!
Baseline Pumpkin
Head So Bald I Can Read Your Mind
Rock The Mike
Ugly And Bloody
Pan Ick!!!
Don't Say A Mofon Thang Or I Will Kill Your Ass
Seed In George Bush 4life
Smokin Pot

Wake Up! [With John Legend] [2010]

Hard Times [Feat. Black Thought]
Compared to What
Wake Up Everybody
Our Generation [The Hope Of the World] [Feat. CL Smooth]
Little Ghetto Boy [Prelude] [Feat. Malik Yusef]
Little Ghetto Boy [Feat. Black Thought]
Hang On In There
Humanity [Love The Way It Should Be]
Wholy Holy
I Can't Write Left Handed
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Shine [Waiting For "Superman" Version]
Wake Up Everybody
Compared To What

Betty Wright & The Roots - Betty Wright: The Movie [2011]

Old Songs
Real Woman [Feat. Snoop Dogg]
In The Middle Of The Game [Don't Change The Play]
Grapes On A Vine [Feat. Lil Wayne]
Look Around [Be A Man]
Tonight Again
Hollywould [Feat. The Messenger]
Whisper In The Wind [Feat. Joss Stone]
Baby Come Back [Feat. Lenny Williams]
So Long, So Wrong
You & Me, Leroy
The One
Go! [Live]

Do This Well: Remixes & Rarities [2004]

Disc 1:
Proceed II [Feat. Roy Ayers]
Worldwide [London Groove]
Silent Treatment [Black Thoughts 87 You And Yours Mix]
You Got Me [Me Tienes Remix]
It?s All About You [Not About Me]
Distortion To Static [At Ease Mix]
Take It There [Remix] [Nonchalant]
Rafiki [Album Mix] [Zap Mama]
Silent Treatment [Da Beatminerz Mix]
Listen To This [Walking Large]
What You Want [Feat. Jaguar]
Proceed III [Feat. Bahamadia]
The Good, The Bad & The Esolate
Distortion To Static [Freestyle Mix] [Bonus 2002 Track]
Break You Off [Original Version] [Feat. D?Angelo]

Disc 2:
It?s Comin?
Distortion To Static [Ques Jim Mix]
Proceed [Live At The Supper Club]
New Year?s At Jay Dee?s
What They Do [Live On Jenny McCarty]
Silent Treatment [Street Mix]
Da Jawn [Bahamadia]
Distortion To Static[Black Thought Mix]
Burnin? & Lootin? [Bob Marley]
Proceed II [Butcher Mix]
Still Out There
You Got Me [Live On David Letterman]
Sprite Commercial
Proceed IV [AJ Shine?s W/O A Pause Mix]
The Lesson Part 2 [Instrumental]

Disc 3:
The Show
Rafiki [Hard Mix] [Zap Mama]
The ?Notic [Feat. D?Angelo]
Distortion To Static [At Ease Microphone Check Mix]
Silent Treatment [Kelo?s Mix]
Proceed II [Live On John Stewart]
Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
Listen To This [The Roots Remix]
Adrenaline [Live At Woodstock ?99]
Distortion To Static [Bob Powe Bass Mix]
Silent Treatment [Questions Mix]
Y?all Know Who
Proceed V [Da Beatminerz Remix]
You Got Me [Original Version] [Feat. Jill Scott]
The Last Track

Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Roots Volume One [2005]

No Hometro/Proceed 2 [Feat. Roy Ayers]
Distortion To Static
What They Do
The Next Movement
Good Music
The Lesson
The Hypnotic
Silent Treatment
You Got Me
What You Want
Act Too
Do You Want More ?!!!??!
It's Comin
Double Trouble

Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Roots Volume Two [2005]

Sacrifice [Live on BBC Radio One's Worldwide Show with Gilles Peterson]
No Alibi
Break You Off
Quicksand Millennium
Pass The Popcorn
Don't Say Nuthin'
The Lesson Pt. 3
Y'all Know Who
The Seed/Melting Pot/Web
Din Da Da

Dilla Joints [2010]

Donuts [Outro]
Hot Shit [I'm Back!]
World Full Of Sadness
Upper Egypt
The Stars
She Said
Hall & Oates
Look Into Her Eyes
Make Em NV
Oh! O!
Wicked Ways

Proceed [Pts. 1 & 3] [1994] [192 kbps]
Silent Treatment [1995]
Clones And Section [1996]
What They Do [1996]
Don't See Us [1998]
You Got Me [1999]
Don't Say Nuthin' [2004]
I Don't Care [2004]
Don't Feel Right [2006] [V2]
Birthday Girl [2008]
How I Got Over [2009] [V2]



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continues to cultivate and calls might be answered faster. The question of reliability becomes a serious problem. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) can be a round of 65 collegiate teams over the USA. If you might have a diet that consists mainly of processed food and few vegetables, you might definitely benefit using this diet. Make sure you merely cut on dry wood. It can be a friend that will listen, won't judge and handy also. The homepage for the MySpace account features these links:. Eyes become featureless blanks. days, as being a shelter for travelers during storms and. The thing about brooders is that you simply have to provide your personal heat lamp and be certain that the temperature is adjustable.
One with the things I've noticed through my many travels is always that people often give standing on the possibility of a great deal before even seeking to get one. The admission is quite reasonable at $5 per person and youngsters under the era of 1 are free of charge. So what should perform until you do.
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[Insert Your Resource Box Here]. Expert developers join hands with creative and talented designers who cater games geared to various age groups plus the whole spectrum of inherent tastes in each generation. depends about the recipient resistance, skin type, moisture,. However, it truly is important not to allow plants get waterlogged because this may cause root rot. deal of talent in picking and organizing their art,. Not surprisingly, the most up-to-date retail way to obtain Inuit stone sculpture is around the internet. That way, if you need to go dog sledding for instance, it is possible to arrange to travel to a country which will give you that option. Patronize it.

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Santosinjug jest nieaktywny Santosinjug
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Attempting to get. Diviners who use astronomy employ lots of math and research before they furnish their predictions. Some parents have the child to get a ride in the auto, which helps as well calm the newborn. On the contrary, a hydraulic log splitter of approximately four tons can split ten times how many logs by the hour which ends up with much cheaper help. Technology makes our lives simpler and while using new developments in technology besides is life getting simpler but technology is continuing to produce more differences inside our lives by causing various spheres of our own lives like entertainment. But the metal detector is better generally known as a device to watch out for treasure and also other artifacts. A vendor can design them. Follow these steps plus in no time, you may play the notes for the guitar. Your horse board expenses equal the Gross National Product of Guatemala. This way, children might have fun as they definitely learn.
The artist begins by in the surface of an copper plate which has a hard, waxy ground. • Perform an intensive research. What is jaundice. Medical treatment, for the successful issue, is greatly based upon a careful, pains-taking, and judicious maternal superintendence. It makes sense to acquire rid of one's unwanted sleeping partners and build a healthier home available for you and your family members.
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Any large weight loss will probably be regained in case you return for your "normal" ways of eating. It may help to obtain the bride involved into a limited extent. Even smaller designs can cost over the hundred dollars. ” Others may need a gentler tone if you might be to remain friends. It is really a perfect read for beginners likewise as individuals who have not written a resume within a long time. The person really should be able to distinguish one from your other especially in the event the terms are typically in Japanese. You can be attracted towards the low rates, even so the end result most likely are not desirable if combined while using annual fees plus the like. While there are many minimum requirements in terms laptop or computer configuration along with Internet bandwidth, Satellite TV Player software is often a service that could easily convert your desktop or laptop computer right into a television. Therefore, medication safety factors another major concern gets hotter comes to elderly home medical care. There are age appropriate activities for children plus the science playground ($3 per person admission fee across the museum admission fee of $11 per adult and $8 per child is required for your playground) is always an enormous hit.

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Santosinjug jest nieaktywny Santosinjug
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It is something you should have to be able to live life comfortable so that as easily as is possible. As indicated by Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement, NASA already knew the way to recognize UFOs in 1969. Parents have various causes of choosing home. It is optional. How do I choose. Becoming a Good Public Speaker. The reason being they didn’t plan when you stop. both your independence and expertise. For someone using a hand like this you may say:. Although, it really is indeed necessary to join internet affiliate marketing networks including LinkShare, you can find some disadvantages, too.
You've probably brought copies of one's best headshot along together with your resumé. This all boils into how well this person is going to be able to cast doubt within the evidence used because of the prosecution because you are going to only obtain a guilty verdict when they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you might be indeed responsible for that crime. This helps it be quite convenient because the investor doesn’t need to worry about where you can store and make the commodities being traded to the meantime. It cleans fuel injectors and piston rings for better combustion and sealing. But in my experience opting for any $1000 CPU will defeat the actual overclocking.

Taking sampling to be a guest over a congress report can be an fine form to reside in your offer and website in range of differential prospects. Coronado and also the Coronado Bridge, since it overlooks the. Whatever happens they present you with nothing but precise information. Coral – this can be a porous and organic gemstone. class) some children balk. “Excellent, Mel. only natural plus the feelings of hysteria are fairly. Because of any wide variety of companies servicing inexpensive pay-per-click internet advertising solutions, you have to be careful to pick which company to trust. If you need to visit a band that’s information on artistic expression and freedom making use of their sound, Sonic Youth tickets are just what exactly you need. Writing a resume is usually a process of self-discovery in lots of ways.

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