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COLOMBO nike air presto womens australia , March 2 (Xinhua) -- The South Harbor terminal handled 680,000 containers in 2014, enhancing the total capacity of the Port of Colombo by 14 percent, the fastest growth among the world' s ports last year, said Liu Yunshu, chief executive officer of the Colombo International Container Terminals (CICT).

"We have set the 'Chinese speed' in the construction and operation of the terminal. The first phase of construction was completed in 15 months, almost 15 months ahead of schedule nike air presto mens australia ," Liu told Xinhua on Sunday.

The South Harbor, operated by the CICT, a joint venture between the China Merchants Holdings International Company (CMHI) and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, is aimed at making the Port of Colombo a regional maritime hub.

The 550-million-U.S. dollar facility, a flagship project under China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative, commenced construction in December 2011 with a completion timeframe of 60 months.

"With a CBA philosophy of Chinese speed, British standard and American supervision nike air presto blue australia , the South Harbor project was completed in a record time of 28 months," said Liu.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the South Harbor last September during his trip to Sri Lanka.

The Maritime Silk Road, proposed by Xi in 2013, runs from southern China through Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean to Africa, covering countries and regions with a total population of 4.4 billion and a combined GDP of 21 trillion U.S. dollars. It is designed to strengthen connectivity and improve cooperation along the revived ancient trade route.

"We started the full commercial operation only half year after the port was opened in August 2013," Liu said.

The South Harbor, located midway on the East-Weast sea lane nike air presto purple australia , became the first deep-sea port in Sri Lanka that can handle mage ships after it serviced a 16,000+ TEU (20-foot equivalent units) container vessel in November 2014.

According to the CICT CEO, the multi-million-dollar project has benefited the locals.

At least 3,000 and 7,500 direct jobs are expected to be created during the construction and operation of the new facility, which is part of an expansion project of the Port of Colombo, the Sri Lankan government said. Authorities will also levy 1.8 billion U.S. dollars in tax revenues from the port during its 35-year lease period.

"The CMHI nike air presto red australia , with its rich management and operation expertise as well as customer resources, will make the Port of Colombo a shipping hub in South Asia," Liu said.

A Touch of Magic: The Future of Oyster’s Contact-Free Technology Published: 04.04.2009 | Author: asingleton | Category: Other

It is now second nature to the vast majority of Londoners: walk up to the ticket barrier, wave your hand at the pad, and away you go. It sounds so simple and convenient, yet not many people contemplate the absolute genius of design that allows that tiny card they鈥檙e waving to recognise their particular journey from 1.83 million different options, in just one fifth of a second!

With such science like that behind it nike air presto grey australia , it not difficult to identify why the Oyster card has made such a splash since its release in 2003. Since then over ten million cards have been issued with around five million in constant use around the capital. And although it is estimated that the use of Oyster cards can see forty people a minute through the ticket barriers, as opposed to the fifteen-a-minute using conventional tickets, the reduction of queuing time is far from the only benefit for Oyster users.

Tickets and railcards are also cheaper, with specialist discounts for Oyster users, and one can top-up the credit on their card with ease, be it by cash at any station in London, via the TfL phone-line nike air presto white australia , or most conveniently, online at the Oystercard website, where users can also register a credit or debit card to automatically top their Oyster card up whenever their balance falls below 5! No wonder over 80% of London bus and tube journeys now involve Oyster!

With One-Touch technology revolutionising travel around the capital, you have to wonder where this might lead, and what this type of wonder-gadget might revolutionise next鈥r do you? In 2007, Oyster got together with credit card issuer, Barclaycard nike air presto black australia , and told us exactly what this type of technology would seek to include next: making payments via credit card.

The only possible drawback to the new OnePulse card is that it is currently only available as a credit card nike air presto uncaged australia , and not as a debit card. But with the other usual benefits of a credit card, such as security and partner store discounts, it could be seen as a practical choice for credit card users living in London.

This article has been written for information and interest purposes only. The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author only, and should not be construed as advice or used to make financial decisions. Expert financial advice should always be sought and any links contained within this article are included for information purposes only.

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